New Bold U:
School for Parents
March 2020

Learn from Great Minds in Parenting and
Explore Powerful Ideas To Bring Out the
Best in You and Your Children

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Only 50 slots available for this edition.

Join Anthony Pangilinan, Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan,
Parenting Experts Maribel and Allan Dionisio,
Michelle Lopez-Solon,  Nelly Dillera and Other Great Minds and
Be Part of this Important Movement to Transform Parenting.

Introducing New Bold U: School for Parents

New Bold U: School for Parents is a two-day long transformational event that empowers parents to be true stewards of their children and help them be their best selves in the process. 

Imagine being at a beautiful location that will be your school and playground for 2 powerful days, in a company of passionate parents that will become your new friends. You'll realize the challenges of being a parent is no longer yours to bare, alone, it's something you can explore with other likeminded parents. 

New Bold U had entrepreneurial heavyweight CEOs including Steve Sy, Lance Tan of Lakbay Museo and Dessert Museum, Zarah Juan, and great thought leaders such as Francis Kong, Jayson Lo, Toni Miranda and experts such as Ralph Layco,  Nix Eniego, Charity Delmo, Hector Angeles and more.

This 2020, we are having some of the country's thought leaders on parenting with ground-breaking human transformation ideas and tools to help you grow and achieve your highest potential as a parent and as a person.

Are you one of the 50 few?

The 5 Pillars of New Bold U
Transformative Parenting

1. Strengths-based Parenting
There's no “right” way to parent. We believe in embracing individual parenting style by discovering and developing their own — and their children’s — talents and strengths. This builds the foundation for positive parenting.

2. Self-Awareness
ur parents might have taught us disempowering beliefs.. unconsciously. Self-awareness must be a practice to shape how we raise children- and replacing beliefs that don't serve us anymore.

3. Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence creates loving and supportive parenting. Having powerful understanding about emotions, we discern our kids emotions better and learn how to respond to them, while understanding our own.

4. Fun in Lifelong Parenting
Once you're a parent, you're a parent for life. By embracing this journey fully and seeing this in the lens of purpose, we approach parenting not as a duty but a mission.

5. Education and Tools for Growth
By applying latest and powerful classic strategies to parenting, we become more effective in rearing the little humans we love so much. We will equip parents with global ideas that work and frameworks that inspire.

Bring Out the Best in You
and Your Children

8 Speakers and Mentors

Exclusive to 50 students

Several Talks, Workshops and Seminars and Mastermind Sessions

Plenary Sessions

  • 10 Secrets to A Happy Family: Parenting from Experience
    Anthony Pangilinan and Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan: 
    Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan is a mom above all- she's also an award-winning actress and a talented author of children's books and parenting manuals. Anthony Pangilinan is a management trainer and Chairman of BusinessWorks, Inc. 

    Anthony and Maricel will share their secrets and life lessons for happy family with powerful wisdom they learned over the year and how they use them to mold her children into people of character and intelligence.

  • Shape Your Child's Character
    Michelle Solon
    Michelle is a Tourism Provocateur by profession and a full-time Homeschooling mom. She also keeps an online blog to share her journey in parenting.

    Be intentional in building up your child's character with right and guided values and perspective. Hone their character as you guide them through your growth.

    3. When Everyone Taught That My Marriage Was Perfect
    Image Consultant Toni Miranda and Husband, Jose Miranda
    Toni is an Image Consultant to CEOs and Top Corporate Firms. She's the founder of Radiance Image Consultancy.

    Toni, with her husband, will share a powerful testimony of a marriage that is immensely tested. They will share their story of heartaches, adultery and redemption. 

Breakout Sessions

  • LIFE INTEGRATION: Being Effective Parents Without Losing Your Passion 
    Nelly Dillera
    Nelly is currently the Deputy Executive Director of the Philippine Trade Training Center. She won last year's Ulirang InaAward while winning milestones in her career as well as a public servant.

    Life balance isn't possible, but integration works. This topic, Nelly will share strategies you can use so you can still build your career and become the best example to your kids of a person embodying their purpose. 

  • Raising Kids in the Digital Age
    Maribel Dionisio, MA

    A resource speaker in radio, TV, and columnist for Kerygma Magazine and Metro Working Mom Magazine, Maribel is a parenting and relationship consultant. Authored 7 books in parenting and relationships, she provide parenting and relationship curriculum and counseling services for an individual’s relationship needs, from teens to single professionals, to engagement, to newly married life, to marriage enhancement and to raising children at different stages of their growing years

    Our modern word's challenge in parenting: our children stuck with their phones and gadgets. Strategies to raising children in the digital age and how parents can take charge of their future.

  • Depression on Kids
    Dr. Allan Dionisio
     A Toxicologist and Family Medicine Specialist, he talks on Parenting, Marriage and Family. He also co-authored books such as Thinking of Marriage and Teen Crush.

    Many teens struggle with depression and suicide. Discover the reality of depression on kids, the signs and how to manage the root cause.

  • A Strengths-Based Approach to Parenting
    Elmo Alforque

    Coach Elmo is passionate about helping individuals and teams discover their talents and unleash it into strengths. Elmo gained his coaching experience as an Internal Corporate Coach for 15 years before starting Strengths Coaching in 2017.

    Shift the focus to what's right with your kids instead of what is wrong with them. Discover how you can replace your frustration with joy by taking the pressure of performance and comparison off your children's shoulder.

    MASTERMIND SESSIONS (One hour of Live Q&A With the Experts)
    1) How to Heal from Trauma by Shirlie Alicante, Life Coach
    2) How to Instill Confidence in Your Kids by Maribel Dionisio
    3) How to Start Homeschooling by Eya Vicencio

Why You Should Join New Bold U- School for Parents
"We're sharing a system to building Stronger Families.
This is your biggest investment this year as a parent."

-You will learn how to unleash the confidence in your kids. If you have kids that lack confidence and motivation, we will share strategies proven by  one of our experts based from her real-life story on how she brought up her kid who was  shy in school to becoming a changemaker in the country today.

-You'll discover the right parenting style for you. You might not be the ideal parent you see in magazines but you can be the best parent that you were born to be. Stop being the perfect parent and focus on the right parenting style for you. Your children will love your true authentic parenting style.

-You'll uncover the greatness of your kids. You'll get strategies to see their strengths and less with what's wrong with them.

-You will learn how to move with the natural momentum of your kids' talents and make the shift to a collaborative, strengths-based, and motivational approach to parenting. You'll see the results of this shift in your children's shining eyes and your own.

-You will learn about Homeschooling and check if it's the right choice for you and your children.

-How to cure your kids' digital addiction and reconnect them to the real world. If you don't use these strategies, your kids might get sucked into gadgets which is hard to retract from.

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Earlier registrants receive the lowest prices as those early funds are most helpful to the organization in preparing for the event. Cost is inclusive of meals and snacks, kits, workbooks, and access to the entire event and parties (and surprise giveaways!)

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Philippine Trade Training Center, Pasay City



March 27-28
Friday & Saturday
8:00 AM to 6:30 PM


Talks, Seminars and Mastermind worth more than P30,000
2-Days of Lunch and Overflowing Merienda worth P3,500
Powerful Parents Code: P850
Workbook worth P3,500

A Message From Ralph Layco

new bold u founder

II am lucky to be nurtured by two individuals who always sought the best for us. Starting our family in a small hut in General Santos, my parents had big ambitions for us their kids. They were supportive, loving, nurturing but they ididn't allow us to live life too easy. They challenged us, even though we complained that other kids from private schools are more pampered than us.

Fast forward, I know I am the person I am now because of them.

We thought it's school alone that could improve the kid's chances of winning in life. I realized it's our parents who truly has the biggest impact to children's emotional and spiritual growth.

Their limitations become the kids' limitations. 

Did it ever startle you why there were no school for parents... when parents have a powerful impact to a child's life?

We thought so too. Parenting is not only tedious, it's critical. In this changing times where parents face challenging tasks of rearing children (technology and information overload, growing anxiety and more) we need stronger strategies to parenting. The old way of parenting needs major updating.

As a movement dedicated to reimagine education, we believe we can do something about this. Not only a school for parenting, but a place of belonging and transformation. We're all figuring out parenting.

Thus, New Bold U School for Parenting is born.

We have a very important vision...

A future where there is stronger, more resilient families nurturing kids who are achieving their fullest potential.

Imagine if our parents were equipped better.

There was no rulebook for parenting, so we grew up playing with the cards our parents dealt with. Our parents mostly have the best intentions. They tried to nurture us with what they know.

But in nurturing a human being, intentions are not enough.

The cycle can stop with us.

To raise kids to their potential, than moulding them to fit our needs.

To grow our kids in love, than nurturing them through superiority.

To see them beyond trophies, but to be invested in their growth so they can fly..


Ralph Layco
Founder, New Bold U
2019 Asia's Most Oustanding Young Marketer

Here are what people have to say about New Bold U!

 A Personal Message from Ralph Layco 

"For me, there are things that are "A something" - a school, a community, etc.

But there are a few things that are "The Something". NBU for me is the School & the Community that we did not have . It's the School and the Community you secretly wished you have been part of. Glad to say NBU was made when I needed it the most."

Xanthe Lerey Panes

E-Commerce Entrepreneur
NBU Student, July 2019

"During the whole NBU process I was able to understand my truest self. NBU taught me to embrace what I thought was my “weakness” as my strength and learned that I boxed myself in a safe zone and kept a lot of fears. It gave me a chance to unlock my full potential, I developed self-awareness, and eventually, I found my passion. The cherry on top? I was affirmed that I am not “weird”. I was the odd one because I was in the wrong crowd.
Armed with the right mindset, after NBU, the boldest thing I did was I ditched my secured job and decided to follow the real purpose my Maker created me to be. I learned that being a full time “Momtrepreneur” is possible! I saw my value so, I intentionally I accepted growth—the road less travelled. I know it’s not easy, it equals pain and hardship, but it’s all worth it! After all, life is too short not to take a risk"

Franz Erika Repuyan

NBU Student, July 2019

"Attending NBU was indeed extraordinary.
Dati gusto ko lang gayahin si ganyan and ganito because I want to become like them, until then NBU made me realise that being me is different from being them and that what makes each of us special, ingenious and BOLDER! "

Jan Rilen L. Pacac

Entrepreneur, Artist
NBU Student, July 2019

Video Testimonial from our Students

Moments captured during
New Bold U 2019

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