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Tap to your undiscovered talents, understand yourself
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New Bold U X will provide you with detailed information
about yourself and gives you truly actionable insights.

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You may not be the person you want to be, but you could be the highest version of who you already are. 

We believe every person is important. We are building a world where everyone get to do what they love and make a dent in the world.

How? By helping each person see areas for their most potential for greatness through powerful, scientific assessments coupled with powerful mentoring unlike anything done before. 

The key to human development is building on who you already are. If a person sees their worth and their strengths, they will rise from mediocrity and play on their natural abilities and their unique advantage.

"New Bold U has a different energy I've never seen before. It's indeed a community of dreamers.

-Jason Magbanua, Master Storyteller

Empowering insights today. Unstoppable you tomorrow.

New Bold U X provides you with a holistic view about yourself that you might have never known about yourself. You'll have a deeper clarity and insights than what is possible with other tests. 

Unrivaled learning about your unique strengths and advantages and how you can apply it in your life. 

Learn from coaches live on how to implement insights about yourself and apply it to strategies in real ife. 

Actionable insights and recommendations.

How New Bold U X works?

New Bold U X is two days of live in-class assessments and coaching. You will take 5 powerful easy tests with coaching and forum in between. You will learn 1) your unique strengths and talents 2) your natural temperament 3) your information absorption mechanism 4) your human connection strategy and 5) your success values. All are strategically designed together to provide you with a holistic understanding of yourself. You will receive a beautiful report that will lay out powerful insights about you.

You'll be at awe and finally in relief about your existential confusion, your career advancement decisions. You'll move forward with validation and understanding about your past personal and career choices. While you only need to do the session once, you'll use it as a reference for decades.

New Bold U X happens only once a month and is limited slots per batch.

The Path of Least Resistance

Capitalize on your natural ability and your innate talents. No longer will you try to be anything else. You will wear your skin and your unique strengths with the understanding that you 

Break free from Society's Code of Success

Own your idea of success by having clarity of your true values. You'll rearrange the priority of your life with ease and truly embrace now the calling. It

Activate Your Learning Potential

One popular advice is to read a tremendous number of books. That might not be true to all. You'll get to be more confident on your learning style so you will be able to download more information with speed.

Live Coaching from Experts

Strengths Coach and Life Coaches will help you connect the dots and understand the new insights about yourself. You will get to know how these will all relate together in the grand picture of your life and how you can strategize and implement it in your daily life. 


We are building a world where people do what they love

There are two types of people: the Activated Ones and the Deactivated. The Activated Ones are in the phase of creation, more confident moving forward because they know themselves and they focus on their unique abilities, and embrace their weaknesses.

The Deactivated Ones feel not in control of their destiny they are less knowledgeable about the value they can provide.

Our goal is to make the world a better place where mor e people are knowledgeable about themselves. 

What Students Say...

If you leave things to chance...

  • You might take the path of most resistance because you play with effort, not with strategy and from your best advantage.

  • You will take the 'normal' path of life and will go through the ebbs of failures when you can choose to avoid it.
  • You will lose the chance to build fast on your value. You're supposed to be 'Rare and Valuable', but this will take time for you to build if you're swayed to be like the next shiny thing you see on social media. 
  • Lessen the confusion you have in life. The reason most of us get caught up is because we don't have control over our lives. The moment you have a great understanding of who you are,  you'll gain more confidence and autonomy moving forward. 

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How will it feel to find someone with the same unique stregths as you who are also in the phase of growth? How does it feel to be in a community of lifelong learners who are humble and are in this journey of self-improvement?

Join an exclusive access to monthly coaching and group discussions with likeminded people. 

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We believe the report and the community has the power to change the way humanity learns, works, and grows – and we’re beyond excited for the growing community.

So how are we celebrating? By giving you a 30% discount on your enrollment fee, of course.

“The next frontier is the understanding of self”

Yuval Noah Harari, Author of the New York Times Bestseller
Sapiens and Lessons for the 21st Century

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New Bold U X  happens twice a month with limited slots and an access to the New Bold U Community.

What you're getting:
+5 Assessment Access (1 access at P1,100)
+A Comprehensive 20+ pages
PAR (Potential Analysis Report)
+Coaching On-Site
+4 Meals at P1,250
+Access to the Community with Monthly Coaching worth
P3,500 monthly 
+Completion Certificate

Originally at P9,800



Race to 50,000 by 2025

Join us in the battle against global mediocrity. 

We believe that it's the educational system's job to help amplify every person's potential, not standardize us and be the same. With every bundle, we'll donate 5% to a fund to help farmers get access to the annual New Bold U Flagship program.

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We believe in our product so much we believe it's a great investment all must take. But should you not enjoy it at all- we're giving you a risk-free and see how it works for you.

justcall us and get an instant refund, that easy

-Team New Bold U


Philippine Trade Training Center, Pasay City



March 27-28
Friday & Saturday
8:00 AM to 6:30 PM


Talks, Seminars and Mastermind worth more than P30,000
2-Days of Lunch and Overflowing Merienda worth P3,500
Powerful Parents Code: P850
Workbook worth P3,500

A Message From Ralph Layco

new bold u founder

II am lucky to be nurtured by two individuals who always sought the best for us. Starting our family in a small hut in General Santos, my parents had big ambitions for us their kids. They were supportive, loving, nurturing but they ididn't allow us to live life too easy. They challenged us, even though we complained that other kids from private schools are more pampered than us.

Fast forward, I know I am the person I am now because of them.

We thought it's school alone that could improve the kid's chances of winning in life. I realized it's our parents who truly has the biggest impact to children's emotional and spiritual growth.

Their limitations become the kids' limitations. 

Did it ever startle you why there were no school for parents... when parents have a powerful impact to a child's life?

We thought so too. Parenting is not only tedious, it's critical. In this changing times where parents face challenging tasks of rearing children (technology and information overload, growing anxiety and more) we need stronger strategies to parenting. The old way of parenting needs major updating.

As a movement dedicated to reimagine education, we believe we can do something about this. Not only a school for parenting, but a place of belonging and transformation. We're all figuring out parenting.

Thus, New Bold U School for Parenting is born.

We have a very important vision...

A future where there is stronger, more resilient families nurturing kids who are achieving their fullest potential.

Imagine if our parents were equipped better.

There was no rulebook for parenting, so we grew up playing with the cards our parents dealt with. Our parents mostly have the best intentions. They tried to nurture us with what they know.

But in nurturing a human being, intentions are not enough.

The cycle can stop with us.

To raise kids to their potential, than moulding them to fit our needs.

To grow our kids in love, than nurturing them through superiority.

To see them beyond trophies, but to be invested in their growth so they can fly..


Ralph Layco
Founder, New Bold U
2019 Asia's Most Oustanding Young Marketer

Here are what people have to say about New Bold U!

 A Personal Message from Ralph Layco 

"For me, there are things that are "A something" - a school, a community, etc.

But there are a few things that are "The Something". NBU for me is the School & the Community that we did not have . It's the School and the Community you secretly wished you have been part of. Glad to say NBU was made when I needed it the most."

Xanthe Lerey Panes

E-Commerce Entrepreneur
NBU Student, July 2019

"During the whole NBU process I was able to understand my truest self. NBU taught me to embrace what I thought was my “weakness” as my strength and learned that I boxed myself in a safe zone and kept a lot of fears. It gave me a chance to unlock my full potential, I developed self-awareness, and eventually, I found my passion. The cherry on top? I was affirmed that I am not “weird”. I was the odd one because I was in the wrong crowd.
Armed with the right mindset, after NBU, the boldest thing I did was I ditched my secured job and decided to follow the real purpose my Maker created me to be. I learned that being a full time “Momtrepreneur” is possible! I saw my value so, I intentionally I accepted growth—the road less travelled. I know it’s not easy, it equals pain and hardship, but it’s all worth it! After all, life is too short not to take a risk"

Franz Erika Repuyan

NBU Student, July 2019

"Attending NBU was indeed extraordinary.
Dati gusto ko lang gayahin si ganyan and ganito because I want to become like them, until then NBU made me realise that being me is different from being them and that what makes each of us special, ingenious and BOLDER! "

Jan Rilen L. Pacac

Entrepreneur, Artist
NBU Student, July 2019

Video Testimonial from our Students

Moments captured during
New Bold U 2019

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