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January 27 - February 1 | UP Diliman, Quezon City

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Join Francis Kong, Randell Tiongson, Toni Miranda,
Butz Bartolome and 20+ Powerful Speakers and
Mentors for a 6-day pop-up school designed to
bring out your fullest potential for 2020!

Introducing New Bold U 2020, the 6-day Passion School

New Bold U is a weeklong transformational event that reimagines education and helps people achieve their fullest potential.

Imagine being at a beautiful location that will be your school and playground for 6 powerful days, in a company of passionate people that will become as close as family. You'll realize this is the type of community and school you wish you had growing up.

Last year, we had entrepreneurial heavyweight CEOs including Lance Tan of Lakbay Museo and Dessert Museum, Zarah Juan, Hannah Mamon of Merry Mango and experts such as Hector Angeles, Nix Eniego and more.

This 2020, New Bold U will be pursuing its purpose with more powerful names, more inspiring and life-changing ideas in human transformation and tools to help you grow and achieve your highest potential.

Are you one of the 300 few?

Design Your Best Year Ever with
New Bold U Experts and Trainers

This year, New Bold U will bring 6 days of content focusing on creating your ultimate life.

The weeklong workshops packed with best practices and tools will focus on helping you create a powerful vision that refines your goals, your definition of success, beyond the one-size-fits-all goals imposed on you by society.

It's also about creating exact steps to take to rapidly turn your vision of your best life into reality.

By the time you leave the event, you will be empowered and more confident about your gifts , excited to unleash your extraordinary to the world.

New Bold U Will Transform You

As TD Jakes once said, "True change won't happen by the movement of time. It's in the movement of your mind."

Here are some of the changes that happened to our previous students...

-One quit her job as a police officer because she felt she needed to follow her entrepreneurial passions. Now she has numerous businesses both offline and online.

-One yogi has a new sparked excitement in life and made a bold decision to focus on her true desire, to make a Yoga Barn and spread the power of mindfulness and the art of yoga by training new yogis.

-One went through depression for awhile and struggled. After NBU, she was reminded of her dreams and she started acting on it. Now, she has two online businesses.

-One was mostly questioned growing up because he was labelled as 'weird' because of his ideas and his unique perspective in life. After the event, he got his confidence back and now is a co-founder to a new startup and was able to secure funding.

...and so much more stories of transformation from our students.

Why New Bold U 2020 is for you?

- You'll have a powerful framework so you can intentionally design every area of your life, your health and wellness, your career path, your relationships with family and friends and even your spiritual life.

-You will end your NBU week with a crystal-clear clarity of your own strengths and 'superpowers'. You'll focus on what you're naturally great at and you'll build all of your next business ideas or your projects with that consciousness, ease and confidence

-You'll get to strategize your personal brand in the market with command and integrity. You are your higher self, with authenticity, one that works for you. You're no longer fearful being who you are. 

- You'll have a new mindset on money with many limiting beliefs broken. You'll realize that money is your new friend and comes abundantly to you as it should be.

-If you want to transition to working at home, you'll have a framework on how you can build passive incomes, choosing the right cilents so you can work with the right people.

-One will help you make your phone ring and your phone full of inquiries with a 10X sales mindset!

-You will start the year with 300 new networks. In life, it's not what you know, it's who you know that will catapult you higher. You have a great business idea, you have prospect people to collaborate with and maybe have a long-term friendship with.

-Guaranteed, like most of our previous students, you'll approach life with BOLDNESS. You'll start that business you've been thinking all this time, you'll write that book. You are not fighting your own self-imposed limitations anymore, willpower isn't enough. You'll take the leap along many other people with you. This is the push you've been waiting for. 

...and so much more!

Learn. Network. Evolve.

30+ Speakers and Mentors

Exclusive to 300 students

30+ Talks, Workshops and Seminars

Plenary Sessions

2 - hour sessions in the morning

  • How To Live Your Best Life Ever: Purpose and Goal-Setting by Francis Kong
  • Integrating  Love for Earth in Business by Rodne Galicha
  • From Failures to Massive E-commerce Success: The Great Deals Story​by Steve Sy
  •  Bold Creativity: Pursuing the Creative Life by Jason Magbanua
  • The Rainmaker: How to Get Investments for Your Big Idea by Lance Tan of Lakbay Museo
  • Mindfulness Mornings by Odette Mills
  • Session Groceries PH by Iloisa Romaraog

Passion Classes

2 - hour classes in the afternoon

Personality Development

  • Exponential Mindset: How to Think Big and Grow Your Stores Exponentially by Butz Bartolome, The Franchise Guru
  • Money Makeover: A Mindset to Financial Wealth by Jason Lo
  • Design the Future: Fearless Innovation and Disruptive Thinking by Dr. Mike D,
  • Power Personal Branding: How Brand Yourself Strategically by Toni Miranda, Coach to CEOs and Corporate Teams
  • The Science of Habits: How to Make Habits Sticks for Good by Jun Allegro
  • Mindfulness for the Modern World: The Practice is Easier Than You Think

E-Commerce and Online Selling

  • From E-Commerce to You-Commerce: Using Social Media as Direct Messaging to Your Customers by Nikko Cruz of Atoz
  • Jumpstart Your Amazon Success: Guide to Setting Up in Amazon by Lish Aquino
  • Grow in E-Commerce: How to Start Your E-commerce Business Successfully by Narz Paraguya

Leadership and Purpose

  • Invincible: Turn Your Mess Into a Blessingby Shirlie Alicante
  • When purpose finds you; The Project Pearls Story by Melissa Villa  
  • Impact Big, Start Small: What Learned About Social Entrepreneurship by Raf Dioinisio of MAD Travels
  • When purpose finds you; The Project Pearls Story by Melissa Villa
  • The Flow Factor: Flow Your Way to Fearless Creativity and Making History by Ralph Layco
  • Unfair Advantage: Building Businesses in Unchartered Territories by Charity Delmo
  • Execution : The Discipline of Getting Things Done by Kaye Layco

Marketing, PR and Sales

  • How We Won Hearts Through Storytelling: The Jollibee Strategy by Cat Trivino
  • How to Grow Your Community: The Way We Did it at Bright Millennial by Garett Maralit
  • Beyond the Likes: Trends in Social Media for 2020 by Nix Eniego
  • It's Not (Just) What You Know, It's Who You Know (Too): The Power of Social Capital by Angel Abella
  • Strategies to 10x your Sales this 2020 by Coach Josh Vasquez
  • Bootstrap Mindset: From Zero to Millions by Chris John Santiago
  • Dominate: The Marketing Trends of 2020 by Hector Angeles


  • Millionaire Works At Home: From Online Freelance to Online Millionaire by CJ Cajoles

Mastermind Sessions 

60-minute sessions

Personality Development

  • Using Your Strengths to a Maximum by Coach Val Baguios
  • Breakthrough Women by Charity Delmo
  • Systems and Scaling by Nikko Cruz for E-Commerce
  • Marketing Mindset by Hector Angeles
  • Efficient Systems by Kaye Layco
  • Finding Your Purpose by Ralph Layco
  • Starting on E-Commerce by Narz Paraguay
  • Discussions on Mental Health by Shirlie Alicante
  • Why Vegan and How to Be One by Elpie Jugalbot
  • The Vanlife: The Choice to by Denmark Bulan
  • The Experimental Life: How to Live a Life of Design and Adventure by Yanille Dalangin and Angelo Fan

 A Personal Message from Ralph Layco 

new bold u founder

The year 2020 is the year we will see a bigger expression of our movement to reimagine education.

We started New Bold U with a big question, "how do we help people achieve their fullest potential?"

Imagine if we have thousands of people who are activated, fully belonging to themselves, we will be in abundance of heroes who are excited to be of service to others.

Our vision is to massively and positively impact a million lives by 2030.

We will activate humanity by using powerful ideas in personal development and equipping them with skills to thrive in the modern era.

This will cause a ripple effect of big-thinking, solutions-oriented mindset, compassion and positivity in their own lives: from company to family to friends and communities.

This 2020, I'm excited about new, revolutionary programs starting with New Bold U 2020.

We will accept 300 applications only this year so make sure to come and join and be part of the change!


New Bold U Founder
Asia's Most Outstanding Young Marketer 2019

Register Today!

The early bird cost to attend is P18,500 for New Students and P16,500 for Returning Students, less than P5,000 pesos cheaper than the regular rate. Earlier registrants receive the lowest prices as those early funds are most helpful to the organization in preparing for the event. Cost is inclusive of meals and snacks, kits, workbooks, and access to the entire event and parties (and surprise giveaways!)


To enroll, please choose whether you are a new or returning student below


GT Toyota Asian Center UP Diliman



January 27 to February 01, 2020
Monday to Friday
8:00 AM to 6:30 PM


30+ of Talks, Seminars and Mastermind worth more than P30,000
6-Days of Lunch and Overflowing Merienda worth P3,500
Strengths Tool Code: P850
LifeVision Workbook worth P9,500 

Introducing the Bold Bridge Program!

To help make the fee more flexible to you, just pay P9,900 as your downpayment and you're full set to join NBU 2020 and get access to 30+ workshops, 6-day lunch meals, afternoon snacks and an adventure of a lifetime.

For the remaining, you may pay pursue with the following schemes:

👉Pay the remaining 30 days after the event at a discounted rate of P21,000 (pay only P11,100 30 days after NBU)
👉 OR Pay the remaining 45 days after the event at a full rate of P23,100 (pay only P13,100 40 days after NBU)

This is limited to 30 slots and is until January 21 only. Call our Community Manager, Isko, at 0905.702.1338 for more details before slots run out.

Here's what people have to say about New Bold U!

"For me, there are things that are "A something" - a school, a community, etc.

But there are a few things that are "The Something". NBU for me is the School & the Community that we did not have . It's the School and the Community you secretly wished you have been part of. Glad to say NBU was made when I needed it the most."

Xanthe Lerey Panes

E-Commerce Entrepreneur
NBU Student, July 2019

"During the whole NBU process I was able to understand my truest self. NBU taught me to embrace what I thought was my “weakness” as my strength and learned that I boxed myself in a safe zone and kept a lot of fears. It gave me a chance to unlock my full potential, I developed self-awareness, and eventually, I found my passion. The cherry on top? I was affirmed that I am not “weird”. I was the odd one because I was in the wrong crowd.
Armed with the right mindset, after NBU, the boldest thing I did was I ditched my secured job and decided to follow the real purpose my Maker created me to be. I learned that being a full time “Momtrepreneur” is possible! I saw my value so, I intentionally I accepted growth—the road less travelled. I know it’s not easy, it equals pain and hardship, but it’s all worth it! After all, life is too short not to take a risk"

Franz Erika Repuyan

NBU Student, July 2019

"Attending NBU was indeed extraordinary.
Dati gusto ko lang gayahin si ganyan and ganito because I want to become like them, until then NBU made me realise that being me is different from being them and that what makes each of us special, ingenious and BOLDER! "

Jan Rilen L. Pacac

Entrepreneur, Artist
NBU Student, July 2019

Video Testimonial from our Students

Moments captured during
New Bold U 2019

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