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Years in the making, New Bold University is an idea to solve one huge problem:

How can we make people achieve their fullest potential?  

Years in the making, New Bold University is an idea to solve one huge problem:
It is supposed to be the schools' job to prepare us for the future. The Industrial Model of learning, the one-size-fits-all model, is not working anymore. If we want to live our most passionate lives, if we want to express our gifts that will help us solve the growing problems in our planet, we need to change the way we learn.  

Now, it's finally happening.

Imagine a platform where our country's greatest minds come together to change your mindset and show you a guide from where you're a (either stuck at a job that doesn't inspire you, in a career that isn't fulfilling or simply you're at a point you want a dramatic change in your life)

All you need to be fully maximized; from how to develop your authentic confidence, how to become productive in life, how to find your purpose, and more.

Plus, classes to help you advance your passions; from how to build up a startup, strategies to 10x your business, how to expand your concept exponentially, and more topics that will truly spark the strongest days of your life. These classes will be taught by no other than experts, people who truly made a dent in their industry and is now finally revealing their secrets.

We're focused on transforming your life in six days. The gathering is focused on helping attendees to get clarity of their authentic power and their life purpose, create a clear action plan for them to achieve their dreams and gather a community that will bring lifelong friendships and network.

If you are committed to bringing out your potential, you are invited to join the Future of Education.... New Bold University. 

Here's what people has to say about New Bold U!

"For me, there are things that are "A something" - a school, a community, etc.

But there are a few things that are "The Something". NBU for me is the School & the Community that we did not have . It's the School and the Community you secretly wished you have been part of. Glad to say NBU was made when I needed it the most."

Xanthe Lerey Panes

E-Commerce Entrepreneur
NBU Student, July 2019

"During the whole NBU process I was able to understand my truest self. NBU taught me to embrace what I thought was my “weakness” as my strength and learned that I boxed myself in a safe zone and kept a lot of fears. It gave me a chance to unlock my full potential, I developed self-awareness, and eventually, I found my passion. The cherry on top? I was affirmed that I am not “weird”. I was the odd one because I was in the wrong crowd.
Armed with the right mindset, after NBU, the boldest thing I did was I ditched my secured job and decided to follow the real purpose my Maker created me to be. I learned that being a full time “Momtrepreneur” is possible! I saw my value so, I intentionally I accepted growth—the road less travelled. I know it’s not easy, it equals pain and hardship, but it’s all worth it! After all, life is too short not to take a risk"

Franz Erika Repuyan

NBU Student, July 2019

"Attending NBU was indeed extraordinary.
Dati gusto ko lang gayahin si ganyan and ganito because I want to become like them, until then NBU made me realise that being me is different from being them and that what makes each of us special, ingenious and BOLDER! "

Jan Rilen L. Pacac

Entrepreneur, Artist
NBU Student, July 2019

Moments captured during
New Bold U 2019

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If you have any questions about attending the New Bold University, please email us or contact Isko, NBU Community Manager.
Email: getinfo@newboldu.com
Mobile Number: 0905.702.1338

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