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School for Parents

New Bold U School for Parents

March 2020

Join the Transformational School for Parents

This 2020, You're Invited to Join us and Hundreds of Other Parents

to Explore Powerful Concepts and Ideas in Parenting

Join the Waitlist and Be Part of this

Important Movement to Transform Parenting

New Bold U School for Parents

March 2020

This 2020, You're Invited to Join us and Hundreds of Other Parents to Explore Powerful Concepts and Ideas in Parenting

Join the Waitlist and Be Part of this Important Movement to Transform Parenting.


New Bold U- School for Parents

Did it ever startle you why there were no school for parenting... when parents have a powerful impact to a child's life? 

We thought so too, as well. Parenting is not only tedious, it's critical. In this changing times where parents face challenging tasks of rearing children (technology and information overload, growing anxiety and more) we need stronger strategies to parenting. The old way of parenting needs major updating.

The concept of parenting needs some rework.

As a movement dedicated to reimagine education, we believe we can do something about this. Not only a  school for parenting, but a place of belonging and transformation. We're all figuring out parenting. 

Thus, New Bold U School for Parenting is born.

We have a very important vision...

A future where there is stronger, more resilient families nurturing kids who are achieving their fullest potential. 

Imagine if our Parents Were Equipped Better

There was no rulebook for parenting, so we grew up playing with the cards our parents dealt with. Our parents mostly have the best intentions. They tried to nurture us with what they know. 

But in nurturing a kid,  intentions are not enough. 

The cycle can stop… with us. 

To raise kids to their potential, than moulding them to fit our needs.

To grow our kids in love, than nurturing them through superiority. 

To see them beyond trophies, but to be invested in their growth so they can fly.

To be a better parent, we need to be a better person.

To empower your kids to be free and real to them selves, the change must start on yourself. We cannot listen to the greatness of our kids, when we can barely listen to the greatness in ourselves. 

How can we listen to their spirit if we can’t do this in our own?

How can we raise them to be freethinkers and courageous if we aren’t these things ourselves?

New Bold U School for Parents believe that we should approach transformative parenting in the lens of personal development. When we are aware of our level of consciousness, then we can seek to improve ourselves with a growth mindset. 

The 5 Pillars of Transformative Parenting

1. Strengths-based Parenting 

There's no “right” way to parent. We believe in embracing individual parenting style by discovering and developing their own — and their children’s — talents and strengths. This builds the foundation for positive parenting.

2. Self-Awareness 

Our parents might have taught us disempowering beliefs.. unconsciously. Self-awareness must be a practice to shape how we raise children- and replacing beliefs that don't serve us anymore. 

3. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence creates loving and supportive parenting. Having powerful understanding about emotions, we discern our kids emotions better and learn how to respond to them, while understanding our own.

4. Fun in Lifelong Parenting

Once you're a parent, you're a parent for life. By embracing this journey fully and seeing this in the lense of purpose, we approach parenting not as a duty but a mission. 

5. Education and Tools for Growth

By applying latest and powerful classic strategies to parenting, we become more effective in rearing the little humans we love so much. We will equip parents with global ideas that work and frameworks that inspire.

Wisdom from the Experts

Connect with top experts in parenting, from teachers, authors and visionaries and get inspired of powerful concepts that will boost your confidence as a parent. 

We can't wait to introduce our experts soon.

A Community of Like-Hearted Parents

It takes a village to rear a kid. We are committed to cater a platform for parents to connect to other parents and develop a community where they belong, together sharing the passion for better parenting.

Join the Waitlist and Be Part of this Important 

Movement to Transform Parenting


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