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Reimagining Education

The School for The Passionate
July 1-6, 2019 | Metro Manila

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About New Bold University

New Bold University is 6 days of transformational learning to help you get your passions and big ideas into a business and life you live!

It’s an ecosystem of amazing workshops, talks, and seminars, plus powerful networking opportunities that equips you in how to be human, how to live fully and how to express your gifts sustainably.

Imagine seeing more opportunities on how your passions can have legs and be an actual business so you can have a sustainable life and an opportunity to impact others! And it's for all ages.

Come In Inspired. Leave Unstoppable

It's time to un-school.

“There were no classes about love. No friendship classes. No classes on how to navigate a bureaucracy, build an organization, raise money, create a database, buy a house, love a child, spot a scam, talk someone out of suicide, or figure out what was important to me. Not knowing how to do these things is what messes people up in life, not whether they know algebra or can analyze literature.”
 – William Upski Wimsatt

At New Bold, we believe it's high time that we reinvent education, not because it's wrong, but because it's outdated. The current education system is designed during the industrial era, preparing people to work in factories and offices. 

But we are no longer just aiming to work in an office, or a factory. We are unique individuals with a mission to fulfill. 

How it will look like

Self-Actualization: Your Strongest, Authentic Life
New Bold University's first goal is to put consciousness to an individual's true competitive advantage through workshops and tools. Your unique advantage, your blue print, your authentic power. It is only in a life designed at your strongest that you can truly make a dent.

Real-World Skills
We will curate several powerful classes you can take in the span of ten days that will supplement your strengths, your goals and the lifestyle of your choice. Real-world skills you can use professionally and personally: how to be confident on stage, how to have executive presence, how to close a deal, how to have a  powerful network, how to be financially-free and how to pitch your big idea powerfully by no other than great, brilliant mentors.
Passion Courses: Design Your Curriculum Your Way
After knowing your true advantage, we will let you design your own curriculum. Learn powerful passion courses from successful mentors.

From how to put your big idea into an actual business, how to put up your own online shop, how to escape 9-5 and be a successful freelancer, how to start your own movement, how to brand your business powerfully, how to market your big idea into the masses, how to start your own fashion brand, how to use Facebook ads and online tools (beginners and advanced) to sell your products, how to develop products from retail to food, and so much more!
Plus Live Interviews with Successful Personalities
Think of Super Soul Sundays cross Impact Theory. Daily, we will be interviewing successful people from business to creative fields about their journey, their routines and their mindset.

Your new tribe
Plus, we will strengthen the spirit of community, your new tribe. Network, learn, and party with a diverse community of people like you- passionate entrepreneurs, artists, parents, creatives and teachers... anyone and everyone. We will also be partying together on weekends. That's meaningful moments together with your new tribe.

This is learning, reinvented.

A future where people will not feel they’re a mistake.

A future where failures is not a sin but instead acknowledged and allowed because it’s the birthplace of all innovation and change.

A future where people can be who they truly are, truly embodying their superpowers and doing something good for mankind.

20+ Talks, Workshops and Breakout Sessions,

20+ Lecturers and Speakers,

10+ Mastermind Sessions, 2 Fantastic Parties

A School We All Dreamed of.

Premier Batch: 80 Students Only

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